Research & Development

The identification of new biomarkers for the early detection or individual treatment of diseases requires the rapid development of new analytical methods for detection.

A specially founded R&D laboratory is able to address your project-specific needs and offers tailor-made analytical solutions. Our team of highly qualified physicians and scientists, specialized in the fields of molecular genetics, immunotoxicology as well as functional and phenotypic immune cell analysis, will be pleased to assist you.

  • Sample processing such as DNA/RNA extraction and cell isolation (PBMC, granulocytes) using study-specific protocols
  • Simultaneous quantification of up to 50 biomarkers with the Luminex® multiplex system
  •  Immunophenotyping of special cell subpopulations with the 10-color analysis system BD FACSLyricTM
  • immunological cell function assays e.g. for ex vivo efficacy testing of compounds
  • HLA typing (low and high resolution)
  • Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and mutations
  • Analysis of minerals and toxic metals using ICP-MS in various body fluids

The validation of new methods is carried out in accordance with legal regulations and GCLP guidelines, and can be extended as desired by our clients. The assay performance is verified and special attention is paid to the analysis of sample stability under defined conditions (sample type, need for stabilizers, storage time and temperature). We also offer this service to kit manufacturers.